Otto Greiner


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Kriegskinder (War Children)

Kriegskinder (War Children), also known as Lebensfreude (Zest for Life) and as Kindergruppe

oil on canvas

78 x 104 cm

1916 (Greiner's last oil painting)


Moderne Galerie Heinrich Thannhauser, Munich, 1916

Paul von Bleichert, Leipzig, from 1917  

  Paul von Bleichert (1877-1938) was a German industrialist;   he and his brother Max von Bleichert were among the most     important art collectors in Germany in the first few decades   of the 20th century.



Exhibition History:

Moderne Galerie Heinrich Thannhauser, 1916

"Ausstellung zum Gedächtnis von Otto Greiner [Exhibition in Memory of Otto Greiner]," Leipziger Kunstverein, Leipzig, February-March, 1917

Publication History:  

Katalog der Modernen Galerie Heinrich Thannhauser München (München, 1916), 129 (entitled Kindergruppe)

Leipziger Kunstverein, Ausstellung zum Gedächtnis von Otto Greiner (Leipzig: Leipziger Kunstverein, 1917), catalogue number 136a (not illustrated).